Elite Machining, LLC

Your only source for elite service.

Elite Machining LLC is primarily a one stop shop for MRO items and factory infrastructure needs. The company maintains some very strong relationships with maintenance departments in the Bluegrass. To help foster this relationship, we offer a 24 hour service to get production lines up and running in the quickest time possible. We are “Johnny on the spot” for our customers, and are often called to make emergency parts.

The fabrication capabilities of the shop are quite broad. We manufacture cabinets, enclosures, structural frames, guarding, and walking platforms. We help make our customer’s production lines more ergonomic and efficient.


The machining business unit provides the capability to make intricate components for the same production lines that the fabrication department supports. Often, we are asked to built “will fit” parts to replace OEM components which frequently fail or wear. Our pricing is quite competitive, and allows us to become the aftermarket replacement vendor for future orders.


Our job as machine and fabrication shop is to complete your job correctly and consistently. Our company can offer you:

 Excellent quality work

 Competitive pricing

 On time deliveries

 Exceptional customer service

 Over 100  years of combined experience in the machining industry


Some of the projects that we’ve successfully completed will give a better idea of our capabilities: 

                 Local pasta manufacturer needed new tooling in a rush

                 Precision fabrication for automation applications

1145 Floyd Dr

Lexington, KY  40505

To contact us:

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Fax: 800-645-9613

E-mail: orders@elitemachiningky.com